Registration (until October 8th)

Each observer on the field should pay this fee (to cover the cost of reserving the field for the star party as well as for electricity and other amenities). Family members can stay for free, but please provide the names of additional attendees below so that we can plan appropriately.

The registration fee covers:

  • admission to the star party
  • observing privileges on the field
  • camping privileges on the field

You can choose to register either for the entire star party (from Monday to Sunday) or just the weekend (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights). If you change your mind, you can also upgrade from the weekend to the full star party.

Note: This fee does not cover camping in park camp sites or cabins - to make those arrangements, please contact the park directly here.

Registration Fee:
Names of Attendees:

Merchandise (until October 1st)

T-Shirt - $15/$17


The star party t-shirts this time are long-sleeved, sport gray with maroon lettering (the photo above shows a t-shirt from a previous year). As usual, there will be an SRSP logo on the front and the star party quote on the back. In order to have the t-shirts finished on time, we will close orders on October 1st. Be sure to order your t-shirts before then!


Sweatshirt - $25/$27

And in the fall (it tends to be cold) we like to offer hoodie sweatshirts in addition to t-shirts. The sweatshirts are similar to that shown in the photo but will be maroon with a white SRSP logo on the front (nothing on the back) and have a full-length zipper. As with the t-shirts, orders for sweatshirts will end on October 1st so we can be sure to have them in time for the star party.


If you would rather send in your registration by mail, please send your name (and the name of any other attendees that will be joining you), e-mail address, registration information (full or weekend) and a check made out to CHAOS to the following address:

P.O. Box 3001
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Be sure to mail the information so that it is postmarked no later than October 1, 2017 so that we can receive it before the star party. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when the check and information is received. For those paying by PayPal or credit card, your PayPal receipt is your confirmation.