Registration Is NOW Open!

Registration for the 2017 Fall Staunton River Star Party is now open! Either click here or click on the Registration item in the menu and join us October 16th to the 22nd. Check back over the next few weeks for more information about speakers and activities.

Dark Skies Are Getting Noticed!

Check out this news article about how a California company plans to setup a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) camp near the site of the Staunton River Star Party! The article specifically mentions that the CEO noted that the community is located in a part of the country deemed as having a dark skies designation. Thanks to everyone who has attended the star party and especially the staff at the park for keeping the skies dark!

What Is A Star Party?

Did you know that there are people among you that like to stay up all night and gaze up at the night sky? Well, there are (they're called amateur astronomers ... although there are some professionals that join us) and twice a year we come together at Staunton River State Park and look at stars and galaxies and planets and comets and all sorts of other wondrous things! If this sounds like fun, or you have a possible interest, please join us!

Spring Star Party Dates

We have already picked the dates for the 2018 spring star party. Mark you calendars for March 14th through the 18th! On Friday the 16th, we will probably have a celebration of the 268th birthday of Caroline Herschel ...